Attractive Features For Customising An Airbnb Clone script

Are you looking forward to purchasing an Airbnb clone script? Are you confused about the features you should demand while customizing the script? Read along to know the answer to all your doubts!

I have classified the features of an Airbnb clone script into four main categories. They are the key features, user app features, host app features and additional features. A brief of different features under these categories are listed here.

1 Key Features for the Airbnb Clone

Currency Converter : Most importantly the script must have inbuilt currency converter to attract users from across the world.

Review and Rating : Guests must have the privilege to rate and write testimonials about their experience with the host.

Special Offers: Special discounts can be offered when a large group of guests books accommodation.

Watermark Features : This feature will enable you to add watermarks on all the images uploaded on the website.

2 User App Features

Chat Feature : This is the most important for a user app as it enables the guests to communicate with the host in person right from the beginning of the booking procedure till the end of the trip.

Wishlist : Another commonly sought after feature in the guest app. This will remind the users about the hosts they want to contact. They must also be able to share the wish list with their friends or fellow guests.

Advanced Options In Filter And Sort : Most of the scripts do contain the filter and sort options. You can further look forward to adding customised advanced features to them.

3 Host App Features

Switching Options : There might be users who use as both hosts and guests. Thus, the app must have an easy switching feature from host to user dashboard or vice versa to make it easy for the users.

Adding Special Offer : The host must be able to provide additional offers to the guests for their property.

Transaction Details : The host must be able to view all the details of the transactions easily on the app.

4 Extra Features

Comprehensive Interface : Both the guest and host interface must be easily comprehensible.

Optimized Bug-Free Code : Optimized code development is an art. The script must aim to have highly optimized code with least bugs.List Your space

Room For Improvement : The clone script must have scope for improvement or to develop advanced version at later stages.

You can look for these features before selecting the clone script!